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Disarm Rheinmetall
War starts here, so does our resistance

Rheinmetall, as Germany’s largest arms manufacturer, is an active motor of a destructive machine of exploitation, war and isolationism. We want to highlight and disrupt this deadly business.

Unterlüß is a production and testing site for tanks, weapons and ammunition of the Rheinmetall corporation and therefore an important focal point for antimilitarist mobilisation. It is part of an agglomeration of military facilities. The Lüneburg Heath was used to prepare and supply the two World Wars, and this tradition continues today.

German arms manufacturers have recently been under pressure as a clear majority of Germans are against arms exports to crisis zones. Rheinmetall circumvents German export rules by producing ammunition in Italy and in South Africa.

Example 1: Under the eyes of the whole world Turkey in February 2018 breached international humanitarian law with their assault on the North Syrian region of Afrin. The German Leopard tank used by Turkey is equipped with ammunition and a cannon produced by Rheinmetall. But Rheinmetall does not only produce the material to wage wars…

Example 2: Rheinmetall uses the European border management regime for a new business model. European isolationism reaches far into Africa. For this purpose Rheinmetall delivers armored personnel carriers to for example Jordan and Algeria. The company also produces security systems and sensor systems for surveillance such as ground and air radar.

For a world in which armaments, war and isolationism are not necessary!

Together we can and want to bring change!

* No spending of billions for armaments and war!

* Fighting the root causes of flight; not refugees!

* Away with the production and trade of arms, ammunition and armaments.

Join the Demonstration:

at the 7th of september at 1 pm

in Unterlüß

(Lüneburger Heide, Lower Saxony)