We are organising diverse online events and workshops from August 17th to 27th. Click on the links to get the programme details! This is the address for all events. Most of them take place in German language and will be translated to English simultaneously via a translation channel – please consult again for the link, explanation and for updates!

Mon 17 August 18:00: Block the war industry- Input to civil disobedience
Fri 21 August 19:00: The military and manliness with Ralf Buchterkirchen
Sa 22.8. 17.00 Ecology and War in Kurdistan MakeRojavaGreenAgain
Mon 24 August 20:00: Freedom or Destruction – Focus on the Middle East – with Nilüfer Koç and Miriam (Women Defend Rojava)
Tue 25 August 20:00: The arms lobby at the heart of Europewith Bram Vrancken (Vredesactie) & Martin Jähnert (LobbyControl)
Wed 26 August 16.00 – 19.30: Workshop on autonomous feminist organisation
Thur 27 August 19.00: Militarisation of the external borders: Fortress Europe – Jackie Andres (IMI) and Matthias Monroy

Already recorded: Rheinmetall´s deadly deals: Background on the arms producer.

Call for action in August 2020
United against the war industry

On August 28th, a mass action will block the war industry in Kassel, Germany. For us, to take action against the war machine is to take responsibility, and play our part alongside others resisting in diverse ways around the world — to reject the ruthless system of oppression and destruction, and join a global struggle which has for decades offered an alternative to capitalist modernity.

An invitation to do the right thing

Even if powerlessness, fear, and atomisation were, and remain, the essence of the coronavirus experience for most, one thing is clear to us: we want no ‚return to normality‘, because normality itself is the problem — a state defined by nationalism, oppression, and war. We know that war begins in Germany, right here in Kassel’s Rheinmetall and Krauss-Maffei Wegman factories. We block these corporations to block war: by cutting off the supply chain we stop the war machine. Our action in August continues the history of anti-war resistance in Kassel.

Rheinmetall and Krauss-Maffei Wegmann

Rheinmetall is Germany’s largest arms producer. It supplies weapons and ammunition to belligerent countries and their active warzones, skirting Germany’s (few, and inadequate) export restrictions by siting production overseas. Krauss-Maffei Wegman (KMW) follows a similar strategy, sending tanks and weapon systems to conflicts worldwide, including an ongoing supply of the war in Yemen. Alongside Rheinmetall, KMW operates a joint venture developing the PUMA main battle tank. Moreover, the Rheinmetall Group has repeatedly confirmed its interest in acquiring KMW. These groups armed Germany for both world wars, and with forced labour during the Nazi era. Their common history serves to highlight the close relationship of anti-fascism and anti-militarism.

Together against fascism

Anti-fascism is more necessary today than ever: as right-wing networks form in Germany — for example in the German Federal Armed Forces and other insecurity institutions — public discourse moves further to the right, and alignment with the inhumane demands of Alternative fur Deutschland for a shooting order at Europe’s external borders. Meanwhile, Turkey’s military attacks our Kurdish friends. Two wars of aggression contravening international law– in north-east Syria and northern Iraq — and supply of Libya’s ongoing conflict, in violation of a UN arms embargo, illustrate Turkey to be a dangerous, expansionist state, which incarcerates its left-wing opposition and trashes press freedom even within its borders. This military apparatus is supported by German arms exports, currently enjoying Rheinmetall ammunition deliveries originating in South Africa.


Meanwhile, the COVID-19 pandemic has made us acutely aware of what is relevant and necessary. We want an immediate halt to production in the defence industry — we need those resources and attention directed to what’s relevant: good health care for all. We need ambulances instead of tanks, current equipment in hospitals rather than rifles, and worthy wages in the care sector over bombs.

Despite Germany’s seeming to have overcome the worst, this is by no means certain, and the number of new infections globally continues to reach record levels. The pandemic poses an additional, and particular, threat to people fleeing persecution or in warzones. Lack of medical materials, equipment, and personnel, straitened conditions of hygiene, and want of space in shared accommodation toll against the weakened constitutions of people in conflict regions. This is true not only of refugee camps on the Greek islands, but also of those holding out in the warzones and camps of north-east Syria.

Free movement for people not guns

Refugee camps on Greek islands must be evacuated immediately. The de facto support of fascist and warring states, via dirty deals which aim to repulse refugees — as seen with the EU and Turkey — must end now. Across our continent, the highly-militarised EU border regime, which includes German technology and armaments in its mission to implement Fortress Europe, must be fought and abolished. We want safe escape routes for refugees, and call on states like Germany to take responsibility for the direct consequences of their war and armament policy — namely expulsion and flight.

For the end of war

This is the beginning of the end. We want the end of the global armament race. Yet, the fight against war is always also a fight against capitalism, against patriarchy and against racism. Militarism emancipates none, but struggle against it brings us closer to a free society, outwith the capitalist-patriarchal order!

United against the war industry

Unlimited solidarity against war and militarisation

War starts here- let´s block it here

Further information be published soon in English. Until then please use the information in German language and a translator such as deepl to stay informed.